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General Inquiries

General Inquiries, marketing, sales, consumers, fans and listeners contact Joachim Becker at:

Phone: (914) 762 2329
Monday - Friday, from 9 am - 5 pm EST
Cell: (914) 762 3084

Mailing address:
ZOHO Music L.L.C.
Joachim Becker, Owner
431 Saw Mill River Road
Millwood, NY 10546


Trade Inquiries

Retailers, distributors and importers:

Zoho Artist Submission Guidelines

For artists interested in submitting CD projects for release consideration to ZOHO please read ZOHO's Artist Submission Guidelines shown below first!

For CD projects
ZOHO is always interested in listening to exciting new CD release opportunities.

we are looking for Latin Jazz and Straightahead jazz projects only.
No Smooth Jazz or World Music.
Preference will be given to New York area based artists and projects, and to artists with an established fan base and Soundscan histories of prior CD releases.

We are looking primarily for established Blues, R & B, Classic Rock & Southern Rock artists.

Due to the large number of submissions we receive each week, and respecting your effort to be effective in your label mailings, you may drop us a line via E-mail first. This may include a brief description of your project, recording info, sidemen, planned tour support etc. We will then respond to indicate whether we have an interest in receiving your CD submission.

We are accepting for release consideration only professionally recorded, finished and mastered projects of no less than 48 minutes playing time, preferably however of at least 52 minutes playing time. No demos please, no exceptions.

Each submission must include CD, press kit, and recent touring and performance info.

No returns of submitted materials unless accompanied by self addressed, stamped envelope.

Submissions E-mail

You can expect to hear back from us via E-mail or phone within two to four weeks after ZOHO's receipt of your project.