The Amazing World Of Arthur Brown
The Voice of Love

Release Date: June 10, 2008
Selection #: ZM 200709
UPC Code: 880956070926
Availability: North America & Caribbean only


1. Love Is the Spirit
2. Gypsies
3. Kites
4. I Believe In You
5. That's How Strong My Love Is
6. The Voice of Love
7. All the Bells
8. Shining Bright
9. Birds of a Feather
10. Devil's Grip
11. Safe Now &.....?

The Amazing World of Arthur Brown is:

Arthur Brown - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Nick Pynn - Every stringed instrument known to man, some glockenspiel & some vocals, deep, deep bass pedals.

Aided By:
Rick Patten - All Guitars & some vocals on "Safe Now" & "Shining Bright", & great love and support.

Scarlett Wrench - Vocals on "Gypsies" with beauty, truth & youth.

Dick Taylor - Electric guitar "That’s How Strong"

Mark St. John - All drums and percussion, glockenspiel, harmony vocals

Arthur Bown – the “God of Hellfire” of the 1968 worldwide hit “Fire” - is back! “The Voice of Love” is British Rock singer Arthur Brown’s rootsy, acoustic comeback record.

Arthur Brown, easily one of the most electrifying, colorful, and flamboyant Rock singers in the world, has been famous for his literally incendiary, highly theatrical stage show for four decades. His many million-selling 1968 hit “Fire”, both in its single and LP versions, dominated the charts in the US and Europe simultaneously, and for many weeks.

Brown earned a fast reputation for outlandish stage performances, which included the use of a burning metal helmet that led to occasional mishaps, such as a Windsor, England show in which the methanol fueling of the helmet crown poured over his head by accident and caught fire; two bystanders doused the flames by pouring beer on Brown’s head, preventing any serious injury. Brown's incendiary stage act sometimes caused trouble, such as getting him kicked off a tour with Jimi Hendrix …

In 1973, Arthur Brown also had a small but meaningful part in The Who's rock opera movie Tommy as "The Priest".

The following decades found Arthur Brown’s life following a path too circuitous and plain unbelievable to adequately describe in a few paragraphs, but including working as a house painter in Austin, Texas, in partnership with Jimmy Carl Black, the original drummer of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention, to Arthur earning a Master’s degree in counseling while at the same time turning out some of the finest Progressive Rock records of the era, with Kingdom Come, and German bands “Die Krupps” and Klaus Schulze.

On “The Voice of Love"”, his first new studio recording in over ten years, Arthur again showcases his powerful vocals and songwriting in a set of 10 new rootsy, British folk-inspired songs, with a driving acoustic groove, and his riveting version of the 1960’s soul classic “That’s How Strong My Love Is.”

“The Voice of Love” was recorded in a vintage studio near Brighton, in Southern England, during 2006, with cameo appearances of fellow ZOHO ROOTS artists - The Pretty Things’ Dick Taylor on guitar, and Scarlett Wrench of The Malchicks on background vocals. Recorded on 2 inch master tape, in glorious analogue, these are live performances throughout. Large amounts of valves, tape noise, love and natural energy abound, and lo-fi, passion & truth hold sway over digital data, irrelevant accuracy and robotic precision … this is music, not media!

"The Voice of Love" is easily his finest work since his seminal "Fire" recording. It is the music he has always longed to make - melodic, spiritual and yearning, with a wellspring of passion and earthy power at its core. This music really displays Arthur's incredible voice and astonishing range to the full. With the release of this record, perhaps we may finally see Arthur Brown fulfill the immense potential that he has been displaying since that first explosion of bravado, sexuality and charisma that captivated London and the world fourty years ago...... From "The God of Hellfire" to "The Voice of Love"- a long journey, but perhaps the best is still to come.........
Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness to the Second Coming of the First Child of The Revolution, as you enter "The Amazing World of Arthur Brown".

The first 5,000 copies of the North American, ZOHO ROOTS label release of the CD includes original full-sized artwork by Arthur Brown, making this first edition an instant must-have collectors’ item for Arthur’s many fans!

Best known for his 1968 hit “Fire”, Brown has always defied trends and classification, having been a midwife for psychedelia … and unsuccessfully headhunted for Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies…an impressive comeback… ROCK'N'REEL(UK) November 2007

“One of the most electrifying one-shot artists of the 60s, British singer Arthur Brown briefly set the charts alight in 1968, as well as thrilling audiences with his theatrical performances… His debut album was surely one of the most left-field successes of the late 60s, if not of rock history.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“We saw Arthur and his Crazy World, and the whole thing was just an eye-opener to me. He used to sing “I am the god of hell fire”, and then he would set fire to his *** head. That told me a lot. I knew where I was heading from then on.” GEORGE CLINTON