Trio Mundo
Rides Again

Release Date: September 7, 2004
Selection #: ZM 200410


1. Mundo Rides Again (D. Stryker) D. Strike Music BMI 6:07
2. Cameroun (M. Badrena) Obonekue Music BMI 4:42
3. Sweet Rhythm (S. Slagle) Slagle Music BMI 6:35
4. Corazon (D. Stryker) D. Strike Music BMI 3:05
5. What You Want (M. Badrena) Obonekue Music BMI 5:58
6. Guille (D. Stryker) D. Strike Music BMI 6:18
7. Pinarena (M. Badrena) Obonekue Music BMI 4:26
8. Africano (D. Stryker) D. Strike Music BMI 6:58
9. Dream Maurice (A. McKee) Agoona Music ASCAP 7:05
10. Hot Ice (A. McKee) Agoona Music ASCAP 5:02
11. Shanti (D. Stryker) D. Strike Music BMI 5:01


Manolo Badrena - drums, percussion, guitar, vocals
Dave Stryker - guitar
Andy McKee - bass

Special Guest
Steve Slagle - soprano & alto sax, flute

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Two years after Trio Mundo’s first release Carnaval, we “Ride Again” with this new recording. This project was conceived to feature the incredible spirit and rhythms of the one-and-only Manolo Badrena, and since that time two years ago, we have continued to work as a band around New York and in Europe. We recorded this new CD in February 2004, after playing a weekend at Sweet Rhythm, the famous jazz club in Greenwich Village, in New York City. Along with Andy McKee on bass, we were joined by our special guest - the fourth member of our trio - Steve Slagle on sax and flute.

This time out, Manolo makes his recorded debut on drum set, as well as his incredible arsenal of percussion, nylon-string guitar, and vocals. We feel that this CD is an even better document of Trio Mundo as a real working band, with all original tracks recorded live in the studio and everyone contributing songs this time around.

Listening to this music, I think we captured some of the joy and fun of Trio Mundo led by Manolo’s infectious grooves, sounds, vocals, and crazy energy. It’s fun to go to ‘Noloworld’!

Mundo Rides Again was the first piece I wrote and that we recorded for this album. “Mundo” has become our new theme song, and it features some burning alto sax work by Steve. Cameroun starts with Manolo’s Caribbean /Yoruba / Spanish prayer asking the Deity of the Four Corners to guide him, Trio Mundo, and Cameroun to a positive future.

Yesterday morning I left Paris, everything was going fine, in a couple of hours we would arrive in Cameroun. All the girls were dancing to Trio Mundo’s music in Cameroun as you can see…

Sweet Rhythm is Slagle’s tribute to the great Greenwich Village nightclub that we opened in 2002. Corazon is about heart, peace, beauty, love and family. Thank you, Manolo. What you Want – Badrena’s groove is deep here…

It’s your life, do what you want, it’s your dream, dream on my friend…

The composer gives us some “Trabalengua” (a Puerto Rican tongue-twisting style from the 1950’s-60’s.) Guille (pronounced “ghee – yay”) is dedicated to my youngest son Will who loves the color yellow, and who can play this tune on his viola. Pinarena is about a girl from the island off Pinar del Rio. Manolo and I both play nylon-string guitars on his beautiful song. Africano was inspired by the amazing guitar music from Africa. We definitely get to ‘Noloworld’ on this one (and thanks to Steve for his line….)

The next two songs are by the man who puts the earth into Trio Mundo, our fantastic bassist Mr. Andy McKee: Dream Maurice was inspired by a Ravel melody – here introduced on Steve’s soprano sax. Hot Ice lets us groove for a while over Manolo and Andy’s pocket. Shanti closes out the CD with a melody influenced by the sitar and the music India has given us.

Trio Mundo hopes you enjoy this music and will share in the joy we had creating it. Peace!

Dave Stryker
March 9, 2004

Percussionist Manolo Badrena is best known for his collaborations with Joe Zawinul, first in Weather Report (“Birdland”/”Heavy Weather”), and as a member of the Zawinul Syndicate for the last several years. His unique sounds have been heard on over 100 recordings, including Ahmad Jamal, Michael Franks, Spyro Gyra, and Steve Khan.

Guitarist Dave Stryker has recorded 15 CD’s as a leader, and was Stanley Turrentine’s guitarist for 13 years. As a sideman, he has played on over 30 albums and worked with Jack McDuff, Kevin Mahogany and Eliane Elias.

Bassist Andy McKee records as a leader as well as a sideman with The Mingus Big Band, Hank Jones, and Don Cherry. Drummers Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones, and Idris Muhammed, and pianist Michel Petrucciani have all used Andy in their bands.

Saxophonist Steve Slagle co-leads The Stryker / Slagle Band, has released 10 CD’s as a leader, and has played with Milton Nascimento, Ray Barretto, Carla Bley, Charlie Haden, The Mingus Big Band and Joe Lovano.

Produced by Dave Stryker. Recorded and Mixed by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studio in February 2004. Mastered by John Lee, Alley Cat Productions. Photography : Sergio Royzen. Package Design : 2712 Design Ltd. ( Executive Producer: Joachim Becker

Manolo Badrena uses Meinl Percussion. Dave Stryker uses D’Addario and Pirastro Strings. Andy McKee uses Pirastro Strings. Steve Slagle uses Van Doren Reeds and Yanagisawa saxophones

Trio Mundo thanks you, the listeners, our Higher Power, our families, Joachim Becker, Tom Tedesco, John Lee, Jim Eigo, George Duke, Joe Zawinul, Sergio Royzen, and everyone at Sweet Rhythm: James, Martha, Rich, Steve and Cho.

"Mixing jazz with Latin and world music only starts to describe the power and vision of Trio Mundo. Joined by Jazz heavyweights, guitarist Dave Stryker and bassist Andy McKee, Manolo Badrena's incredible sense of producing rhythms, singing and composing places him in the forefront of this groundbreaking ensemble."

Latin Beat Magazine

“Any time Manolo Badrena applies hands to drums and mind to music some kind of magic is bound to occur. This world-jazz album travels lightly and packs a punch.”
Joseph Woodard, Jazz Times Magazine

“Stryker fans will again be amazed at how this criminally neglected guitarist just seems to keep reinventing himself.”
Chris Hovan, All About Jazz