Mambo Legends Orchestra
Watch Out! Ten Cuidao!
Former Musicians of the Tito Puente Orchestra
2 CD Set

Release Date: September 13, 2011
Selection #: ZM 201110
UPC Code: 880956111025
Availability: Worldwide

Disc 1

1. Canela Bella 5:48
2. Funny 5:51
3. Conmigo, Candela Brava 8:07
4. Rareza Del Siglo 6:43
5. Donde Va Maria 6:13
6. Vamos Pa'l Guateque 6:01
7. Para Todo El Mundo Rumba 5:35
8. Interlude 1 0:32

Disc 2

1. Vamos, Hablame Ahora 6:09
2. La Manguera 5:19
3. Watch Out! 5:56
4. Se Te Fue La Mano 6:13
5. El Luto De La Tiñosa 5:03
6. Interlude 2 1:53
7. Me Dejaste Sin Nada 6:46
8. Birdland 6:11


Lead Voca - Frankie Vazquez
Coro - Cita Rodriguez (lead on disc 1 song # 5 & disc 2 song # 2), Marco Bermudez (lead on song #4) & Jorge Maldonado (lead on song #7)

Alto - Bobby Porcelli & Vito Chiavuzzo
Tenor Sax & Flute - Mitch Frohman
Tenor Sax - Peter Brainin
Baritone Sax - Pete Miranda
Trombones - Sam Burtis (Disc 1 song #'s 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and disc 2 song #'s 1, 5, 7 & 8), Reynaldo Jorge (Disc 1 song #'s 5, 6, 7 & Disc 2 song # 1), Lewis Kahn (Disc 1 song #'s 1 & 3 and disc 2 song #'s 5, 7 & 8), Tokunori Kajiwara (all songs), Jimmy Bosch (Disc 1 song #'s 1, 3, 5, 6 & 7 and disc 2 song #'s 1, 5, 7, & 8), David Chamberlain (Disc 1 song #'s 2 & 4 and disc 2 song #'s 2, 3 & 4), Matthew McDonald (Disc 1 song #'s 2 & 4 and disc 2 song #'s 2, 3 & 4) & Joe Beaty (Disc 1 song #'s 2 & 4 and disc 2 song #'s 2, 3 & 4).
Trumpets - Kevin Bryan, John Walsh, Pete Nater, Angel Fernandez (& Richie Viruet on Disc 2 song # 5)
Piano - Sonny Bravo
Bass - Jerry Madera
Congas & Quinto - George Delgado
Timbales - Jose Madera
Bongos, Bell & Guiro - John 'Dandy' Rodriguez
Additional Musicians:

Batá Drums- Louis Bauzo
Cajón, Coro, Checkere & minor percussion - Ricky Gonzalez

The high-level throbbing excitement of a Latin band in the city. Swinging tempos burst from left to right on the bandstand and the guiro sounds out a sharp rhythm. The bongos, conga drums and timbales pop and roll and operate like the well-tuned engine of a sports car. Full sonorous saxophones explode melodies that are promptly answered by brilliant trumpets and trombones with a series of counterpoint phrases that stimulate the imagination. Someone in the crowd yells “Watch out! That band is really sw

ingin' and smokin'”! Who are they listening to? The Mambo Legends Orchestra!
Come now and join the band in a new exciting musical journey; their first release where they say “Watch Out! ¡Ten Cuidao!” The musicians of the Mambo Legends Orchestra are legendary artists who have played vital roles in making Latin music what it is today. These are the former All Stars of the Tito Puente Orchestra, the guys who have dedicated their lives to making this music. As Tito Puente would say “This band has over 500 years of combined experience”.

The leaders of the Mambo Legends Orchestra are John 'Dandy' Rodriguez, Jose Madera and Mitch Frohman. John 'Dandy' Rodriguez is the son of John Rodriguez Sr. who played and recorded with many bands in the 40's, 50's and 60's. John Jr. spent over 30 years with the Tito Puente Orchestra, is a veteran of the Tito Rodriguez Orchestra and founder of Tipica 73.

Jose Madera, the musical director of the band, also grew up in a musical family. His father Jose (Pin) Madera Sr. was part of the original Machito Orchestra. His musical arrangements played a key role in the Afro-Cubans early successes. Following his dad's cue, Jose also joined Machito and became a well known musical arranger for many established bands from the 60's to present day. He then joined the Puente aggregation, where during his 31 year stay, he wrote many arrangements for Tito. Jose appears on well over half of the King's recordings. Mitch Frohman, who runs the band, was a 25-year member of the Puente Orchestra. He also is a veteran of Mongo Santamaria's band, is an original member of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and is the leader of The Bronx Horns.

“Watch Out! ¡Ten Cuidao!” is the culmination of a year-long endeavor from a group of musicians who decided to document the incredible energy of their many live performances in an exciting studio recording. This recording indeed proves that the band can do incredible things on their own. In the last year, the Mambo Legends have seen an outpouring of support, communication and cooperation from fans, DJ's, promotors and dancers internationally. This is music YOU wanted to hear! For musicians, for those who have believed, and for all of their fans, this is “Watch Out! ¡Ten Cuidao!” and this is for YOU! In the words of Joe Conzo, “Put on your dancing shoes and swing to the Mambo Legends! I'm sure that the two Tito's and Machito are smiling down upon them and saying 'Well done fellows'”!

Composers and Arrangers: Disc 1
1. Canela Bella | Comp: Luis A. Pinzon/ Mary Toucet/ Fernando Rentas | Arr: Ricky Gonzalez
2. Funny | Comp: Prince/ Neil/ Broughton | Arr: Jose Madera
3. Conmigo, Candela Brava| Comp: Tony Cala | Arr: Sonny Bravo
4. Rareza Del Siglo | Comp: Bebo Valdes | Arr: Oscar Hernandez
5. Donde Va Maria| Comp: Jesus Guerra | Arr: Jose Madera
6. Vamos Pa'l Guateque | Comp: Luis A. Pinzon/ Mary Toucet/ Fernando Rentas | Arr: Louis Bauzo
7. Para Todo El Mundo Rumba | Comp: Hugo Gonzalez | Arr: Jose Madera
8. Interlude 1| Comp: Ricky Gonzalez

The three principals of the Mambo Legends Orchestra - from left : Mitch Frohman, John Rodriguez, Jose Madera.

Disc 2
1. Vamos, Hablame Ahora | Comp: Adalberto Alvarez | Arr: Angel Fernandez
2. La Manguera | Comp: Nono Narvaez | Arr: Jose Madera
3. Watch Out! | Comp: Mitch Frohman | Arr: Jose Madera
4. Se Te Fue La Mano | Comp & Arr: Ricky Gonzalez
5. El Luto De La Tiñosa | Comp: E. Valera | Arr: Richie Viruet
6. Interlude 2 | Comp: Ricky Gonzalez
7. Me Dejaste Sin Nada| Comp: Omar Geles | Arr: Ricky Gonzalez
8. Birdland | Comp: Josef Zawinul | Arr: Ricky Gonzalez

Tribute to Vincent Jimmy Frisaura
Jimmy Frisaura was the straw boss of the Tito Puente Orchestra. Every musician who played for the band was given that opportunity through Jimmy. He was Tito's partner and lead trumpeter when they formed 'The Piccadilly Boys' in 1948, and they continued running that group until it evolved into the Tito Puente Orchestra in 1949. He was Tito's closest friend and business partner and was a father figure to many for 50+ years. Due to his premature passing in the 1990's, Jimmy's contribution to this band and music has been lost among many historians. Johnny, Jose, Mitch and all of the Tito Puente musicians would like to honor the memory of Jimmy Frisaura and give him the historical recognition he deserves. He was the nicest boss in the world, and we now realize how monumental a job it was to have kept that organization running for so many decades. Thank you, Jimmy, for showing us how to do it the right way. We hope that you are proud of what we are doing; working hard to keep this dream alive. -Mitch Frohman, John Rodriguez, Jose Madera